in · te · ri · or   de · sign

noun: interior design

: the art or practice of planning and supervising the design and execution of architectural interiors and their furnishings.

: the art or job of planning how the rooms of a building should be furnished and decorated.

At M.O.I. Designs, this is who we are and what we do. We also understand that in those rooms and buildings to be furnished and decorated, are people. People who have specific needs, a multitude of interests and all different styles. At M.O.I. Designs we aim to combine these things with the definition of design while creating comfort, ease and functionality in your most cherished spaces. Our projects range from whole home furnishings, remodeling and built-ins, to choosing that perfect paint color for your walls. An idea here, a sketch there, all of our projects begin with a vision that later transforms into a project complete! 


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Remodeling and Home Design